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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Short Form In Malay While Texting

This time I will write my blog by using English. I got so many complain from my non-Malay friends that they don't understand some malay term shortword when they texting with Malay's friends. Now I will post some of famous Malay SMS shortword :

Sy - saya
Aq / Ak - aku
X - tak / tidak
Nk - nak / hendak
Tlg - tolong
Mkn - makan
Org - orang
Skang / skrg - sekarang
Jgk - juga
Srpn - sarapan
Plk - pula
Blk - balik / bilik
Jln - jalan
Mntk - minta
Brp / Bp - berapa
Byk - banyak

It's not very hard to understand what they type, normaly a,e,i,o,u will not insert together when texting.


zulkbo said...

salam berkenalan..
ukhwah sesama bloggers..
tak tahu pulak SQ nama
pendek untuk aku..he he

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